Fazerles AD

FAZERLES AD is a public company, has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (Sofia) since 1993. FAZERLES AD has a long lasting experience in the wood processing industry. The production started in 1976. The factory has two technological lines based on the wet method of processing. The long lasing experience, the permanent investment in renovation and modernization of the equipment, applying of up to date technologies by the qualified stuff are the key for the production of high quality and ecologically clean product.



FAZERLES produces hardboards (wood-based panels) type HB, according to EN 316:1993.
Hardboard is a type of fibreboard, it is an engineered wood product.
FAZERLES manufactures hardboard in a wet process. The wet process leaves one smooth side, and the other side is a mesh-pattern.


The environmental protection is of high priority for the management of FAZERLES AD.

The heat needed for the technological process in FAZERLES AD is produced in new modern installations, which use biomass as a fuel and mainly wooden waste. The old boilers on black oil that used to contaminate the air with sulfur, nitrogen and carbon oxides are left in the past. The carbon oxides thrown in the atmosphere have been decreased with more than 20 thousand tons per year.