FAZERLES produces hardboards (wood-based panels) type HB, according to EN 316:1993.
Hardboard is a type of fibreboard, it is an engineered wood product.
FAZERLES manufactures hardboard in a wet process. The wet process leaves one smooth side, and the other side is a mesh-pattern.
Hardboard is a strong product – it has high density (930-1050 kg/m3) and high bending strength (35-40 Mpa).
Hardboard is used in furniture, for boxes for fruits and vegetables, automotive and construction industry.

Chips – Fibres – Sheet forming – Pressing – Cut-to-sizes

We use technological wood, which goes through the chipping process.
Wooden chips pass through screening process for separation of barks and small wooden pieces.
The separated barks and small wooden pieces are used as a fuel in our wood-waste steam boiler.
The chips go into a defibrator (a pressure vessel), where they are treated with high-temperature steam, which permits separation of unbroken-whole fibers.
From the defibrator, the pulp enters into the wet-forming machine, which evenly distributes fibres into a mat with water. The mat is cut into large sheets for a multi-opening hot press, then is compressed by heat and high pressure. Hardboard panels undergo humidification, a process that adds moisture to prevent warping.


Compared to other fiberboards, such as MDF, hardboard is characterized by the next properties:
– Higher Bending strength – about 35 – 40 MPa, and higher by customer’s request
– Higher Density – about 950 kg/m3
– Wood content – about 99%
– Less chemicals – about 1 % only
– Smell – natural wood
– Smooth surface
All these properties make hardboard a natural, very ecological product, that is why it is very suitable for home furniture, and crates and boxes for fruits and vegetables.

Thickness: 2,5 mm; 2,8 mm; 3,0 mm; 3,2 mm and 4,0 mm.
Sizes: a big variety of sizes are available to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

Standard sizes:

2750 х 1700 мм (king size)
2440 х 1700 мм
2000 х 1700 мм
1830 х 1700 мм
1500 x 1700 мм
2440 x 1220 мм (8′ x 4′)
1830 x 1220 мм (6′ x 4′)


1200 x 1000 мм
1200 x 800 мм
780 х 283 мм
600 х 490 мм
600 х 390 мм
490 x 290 мм
390 x 290 мм

and other sizes according to customer’s specification.

WHITE hardboard

Application:   for Furniture backing, boxes for fruits and vegetables

790 х 720 мм
540 х 285 мм
460 х 327 мм
285 х 160 мм

other sizes, by customer’s request


sheets with diameter from 800 to 1600 mm


1200 х 1000 mm
1200 х 800 mm
and other sizes according to customer’s specification.


Bottom for boxes for fruits and vegetables
490 x 290 мм


  • Furniture    

Hardboards with specific sizes suitable for drawers and back sides of furniture and cabinets.

  • Doors

Cut-to-sizes panels for doors with special surface quality.
Sizes: 2200, 2100, 2150, 2000 x 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 mm and other.

  • Boxes for fruits and vegetables boxes, crates

Hardboard panels are environmental friendly product and can be used in contact with foodstuffs.
Sizes: 1280×1100, 1200×1000, 1180×800, 600×490, 780×283 390×290, 490×290 mm and many other.

  • Metal industry – for packing

Hardboards have application in many branches:
* Big panels: 3000 x 1300 mm, 4200 x 1300 mm and others
* Round panels: from D-800 to D-1500 mm;

  • Glass  and Food  industry

plates with rounded corners for stuffing goods on pallets

  • Automotive industry

Hardboard panels with higher bending strength and density, and sizes according to customer’s specifications.

  • Base for laminating

Panels with special surface quality, suitable for finishing – painting, lacquering, veneering  and others.

  • Construction

For walls, and light structures.

  • Roofs

Pads for bearing roof structures

  • A good base for painting

Base for painting of paintings and icons with oil, tempera and acrylic paints. The surface of the boards is perfectly smooth, without any scratches. The panels are available in two options – natural (unprimed) and primed (white). Sizes:    600х400, 550х460, 500х350 mm, etc.

STANDARDS and quality parameters

Hardboard panels meet the requirements of the European standards:   ЕN 316:1993, ЕN 622-1:1997 and EN 622-2:1997.

Technical parameters:

  • Density (EN 316): not less than  900 kg/m3
  • Bending strength (EN 310): not less than 30 МРа
  • Humidity (EN 322): 4 – 9 %
  • Swelling after immersing in water for 24 hours (EN 317):  not less than  35%

Hardboard panels are ecological clean product and can be in contact with foodstuff.  They have application in the production of boxes for fruit and vegetables. 

Hardboard panels are 100% recyclable, regardless of their application

FAZERLES AD is certified according to FSC® standard for Chain of Custody (FSC-STD-40-004, FSC-STD-50-001). /download an FSC certificate/
FAZERLES AD is certified according to FSC® standard for Chain of Custody and may offer FSC-certified products on client’s request (License code FSC® C126520).
FAZERLES AD applies a quality management system  according to ISO 9001-2015  and guarantees the quality of the products. / Download Certificate /