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FAZERLES AD is a public company, has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (Sofia) since 1993. FAZERLES AD has a long lasting experience in the wood processing industry. The production started in 1976. The factory has two technological lines based on the wet method of processing. The long lasing experience, the permanent investment in renovation and modernization of the equipment, applying of up to date technologies by the qualified stuff are the key for the production of high quality and ecologically clean product. The main goal of the company is to meet the client’s requirements and to satisfy completely their needs. FAZERLES AD sells in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


FAZERLES AD was founded as an independent company since 12.08.1993. The company is an assignee of the Factory for production of wood-based panels (hardboard) – the first factory of the former LESSOPROMISHLEN KOMBINAT.

The beginning of the LESSOPROMISHLEN KOMBINAT has been initiated with a decision of the of the Government counsel from 1970. The government’s decision provides construction of a big factory for complex chemical and mechanical processing of the wood, including Factory for production of wood-based panels, 7 other factories and subsidiary objects.

The first dig of the mill is done on 03.03.1972 with the beginning of construction of building the Factory for production of wood-based panels.

First hardboard panels were manufactured on 07.09.1976. In 1980 was built and put into operation factory’s railway station.

On 05.08.1991 the ministry of industry transformed LESSOPROMISHLEN KOMBINAT into LESIL company, which is registered according to the Trade Law with decision of Silistra country court № 1600 on 10.09.1991.

In 1991 the grace period for investment credit expired and the whole burden of the investment credits fell on the three active production mills  –  LESIL (factory for production of wood-based panels), Paper Mill and Mechanical Repair Mill. This lead to serious financial troubles and to the necessity of dividing of the factories.

In 1993 the Minister of industry reorganized LESIL company and established four new companies, one of them FAZERLES EAD.

On 12.08.1993 has been registered single-stock company with state property FAZERLES EAD, with capital of 171 453 000 BGN.

On 08.08.1996 FAZERINVEST – joint-stock company established by 380 employees of FAZERLES EAD bought via negotiations with the Privatization agency the majority stake of shares of FAZERLES EAD and the company was renamed to FAZERLES AD.

In 1997, 2000 and 2001 in auctions of the mass privatization 25.55% of the shares are sold to private individuals and 14.95% to the entitles persons, according to the lows, thus FAZERLES AD becomes 100% private property.

In 1998 the company’s capital has been increased to 515 million leva, after the denomination in 1999 the capital is changed to 515 thousand leva as it is till now.  

FAZERLES AD is entered in the Trade register of the Registry Agency with number 828013698 and it is a public company  according to the Bulgarian law.

During the last years a serious investment program has been made in FAZERLES AD, wherein the bigger part of the technological equipment has been renovated, a new steam-plant on biomass has been built, a waste-water treatment plant has been built, commissioning of CEFLA line for manufacturing of white-painted hardboard.


FAZERLES manufactures hardboard panels using the wet method,  according to ЕN 316:1993,    ЕN 622-1:1997,    EN 622-2:1997.

FAZERLES offers hardboard in two options:

  • RAW hardboard – unsanded and untreated on the top surface, dark colour.
  • WHITE painted hardboard – for boxes for fruits and vegetables, and for furniture.

This is natural product, manufactured from renewable source, for usage in dry conditions.

More than 40 years of production